What Breed Of Horse Is The Best For Trail Riding?

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Since bridle paths, trails, and forest roads are used for horse trail riding, all kinds of horse breeds are not ideal. If you want to be prepared for a competition, or just riding for your mind’s satisfaction, then you should think about the best horse breed.

A suitable horse ensures pure enjoyment and a successful trial. 

While choosing a trail horse, you need to consider some characteristics. Remember you will ride on uneven ground, so the horse should have a calm demeanor, not be hot-headed. On the other hand, the horse should not be spooked. 

There are some popular horse breeds that are born for the trial. This article will enlighten those varieties so that you can understand what breed of horse is the best for trail riding. Also, give a look at FAQs about trail riding horses. 

Best Horse Breed For Trail Riding

  1. Appaloosa
  2. Quarter Horse
  3. Tennessee Walker Horses
  4. Paint Horse
  5. Arabian
  6. Morgan
  7. Iceland Horses
  8. Spotted Saddle Horse
  9. Iris cob

Everyone has their own preference while choosing their favorite horse. You need the best horse as well as the best cinch for trail riding to make it comfortable and enjoyable. The best trail horses have specific aspects and we will tell you those points for easy picking. 

 1. Appaloosa 

  • Height: 14.2-16 hands
  • Country of origin: America
  • Characters: intelligent and loyal
Appaloosa trail riding horse breeds
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Appaloosa is quickly identified for their beautiful coats. They have spotted skin although solid color. This horse is one of the most exoteric trails riding horse breeds. You will be impressed seeing the speed and stamina.

That’s why these hardy horses are suitable for long rides. 

Both experts and beginners can ride Appaloosas because they are even-tempered and reliable. If you are riding on the mounts, they will be trustworthy.

You will have a fabulous time with these stylish and sure-footed Appaloosas. 

2. Quarter Horse

  • Height: between 14-16 hands
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Characters: calm nature with lots of energy
Quarter Horse for trail riding
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Quarter Horses have calm depositions with a well-muscled body. Their powerful hindquarters carefully navigate on the rough surface. Many riders in America prefer this breed for trail riding because of carrying on for hours. 

Somehow Quarter Horses have natural cow sense, so they won’t be spooked on herds of cattle. They have enormous energy, but they don’t use it on a whim.

The horse conserves it and spends it when needed. Moreover, people of all ages can navigate Quarter Horses. 

3. Tennessee Walker Horses

  • Height: 14.3-17 hands
  • Country of origin: America
  • Character: smooth gaits, good temperaments, and friendly personality. 
Tennessee Walker best horse breed for mounting riding
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Tennessee Walking horses can be an excellent partner on the trails. They are from a gaited breed that is very comfortable and sleek to ride.

The endurance level is great, making them the best horse breed for mounting riding. The refined and sturdy build allows easy handling for both adults and kids.  

The horse’s friendly behavior gives you a joy feel while riding. It has been said that they glide over uneven ground and you will feel like floating.

Moreover, you can fill in a vast tract with these horses.  

4. Paint Horse

  • Height: 14.2-15.2 hands
  • Country of origin: America
  • Character: Hardy builds, good temperaments, friendly personalities
Paint Horse for trail riding
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You can enjoy a wonderful mount with the Paint horses. Their sturdy build stands out for the performance. You find them typically calm, docile, and skillful yet not spooked that you need out on the trails.

Further, their friendly nature and socialism are great.

5. Arabian 

  • Height: 14.1-15.1 hands
  • Country of origin: Arabian Peninsula
  • Character: great endurance, refind build, and athleticism. 
Arabian Horse for trail riding
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Many think Arabin horses are too hot-headed for trails but they can make fabulous trail mounts. Of course, there are some too-spirited horses but you can’t blame a whole breed. They have lots of stamina and speed for long rides.

They have friendly nature and are willing to please making them perfect for all ages. Their strength, endurance, and intelligence ensure an excellent trail.  

6. Morgan 

  • Height: 14.1-15.3 hands
  • Country of origin: America
  • Character: calm depositions, refined build, and athleticism
Morgan Horse breeds for beginners
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Morgans are very strong horses; those are great for pulling a weight over a long distance, even too quickly that is hard to beat. They are very intelligent, sensible and trustworthy to make a long mount with family.

They are the best horse breeds for beginners. You will love their versatility. Morgans are known to be sure-footed allowing them to cover rough terrains. 

7. Iceland Horses

  • Height: 13-14 hands
  • Country of origin: Iceland
  • Character: tough, compact body and comfortable to ride. 
Iceland Horses for trail riding
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Iceland horses are widely used to collecting up livestock in Iceland. So they have to ride long days over rough, frozen, and uneven ground. They conserve plenty of energy to spare so you can happily ride without tiring. 

Most Iceland horses have the ability to find their own way to a home that is great if you go for a long mount. They are small in size, but they are extremely strong and fast. There is a layer of extra coat which helps to keep the cold out. 

8. Spotted Saddle Horse

  • Height: 14.3-16 hands
  • Country of origin: America
  • Character: friendly personality and good temperament
Spotted Saddle Horse for trail riding
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Many get confused between a paint horse and a spotted saddle horse. But two of them are totally different breeds. Spotted Saddle horses have a smooth gait throughout pinto coloring.

These horses have a similar character to Morgans and Tennessee walking horses. They have an incredible athletic ability that ensures a smooth and comfortable ride.

9. Iris cob

  • Height: 15.1-16.1 hands
  • Country of origin: Ireland 
  • Character: powerful body and level headed
Iris cob best draft horse for trail riding
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Iris cobs are extremely comfortable and can carry lots of weight despite having a small body. They are level-headed that are absolutely perfect for beginner trail riders. 

The horse’s feathers on the legs look beautiful. They tend to be docile and kind, which makes them the best draft horse for trail riding. 

The riders can easily control them, so beginners will have a great advantage of this nature. 

Best Horse Trail Riding Gear

If you’re planning a ride, you’ll want to ensure that you have the right gear for your horse. There are many things to consider when choosing what you need. You’ll need something durable and comfortable and practical and functional depending on where you will ride. Here is an overview of some essential items:

  • Riding Equipment
  • Gadgets
  • Accessories
  • Hygiene
  • Safety
  • Clothing

Equipment from horse list: you need first to choose the best cinch for trail riding and then think about other things because it will save you and your horse in riding. Quality cinch for horse gives safety when you ride.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of horse makes a good trial horse?

When you are choosing horses for trails, you need to consider some characteristics. For example, the horse should have calm deposition, refind body, plenty of stamina, and intelligence.

If you find these qualities, the horse will be good for trails. 

Are Quarter horses good for trail riding?

Quarter horses have well-muscled bodies with plenty of energy. They are calm in nature yet intelligent.

That is why many riders choose quarter horses for trail riding. 

What is the best all-round horse breed? 

From numerous varieties, Appaloosa is the best all-around horse breed. Not only do they peep wonderful but also they have incredible speed and stamina. They are suitable for long rides.

Moreover, both experts and beginners can ride them. 

What is the smoothest riding horse breed?

You will have the smoothest riding with the Tennessee Walking horses. On the uneven terrain, they glide so easily and you will feel smooth and sleek riding. Their endurance is eminent and gives a joyous feeling. 

Final Words

It is not that easy to get the best breed for trail riding. If you don’t have the right horse, your adventure ride won’t be successful. The above horse breeds are born for trail rides. You won’t be too exhausted riding on these horses.

So you can easily get one of them and go for a long ride, whether your experience level is.

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