Best horse jumping boots: Protective, lightweight & flexible

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Best horse jumping boots are an important part of equestrian gear. They protect the horse’s feet, ankles, and lower legs from injury while protecting the rider’s as well. 

Jumping boots should be lightweight, flexible, comfortable, and durable. Jumpers’ horses must wear a special type of boot that comes for this purpose. It can be not easy to find a pair of quality boots without research. 

Do you need new riding boots? If you don’t know how to select horse boots. This blog will discuss some best show jumping boots for the rider to suit their needs! Then you can check out these top-rated brands. 

Our Top Picks

1. Best for moisture-wicking – Kavallerie Horse Tendon Boots: Double Velcro loopback, lightweight, flexible, anti-slip material.

2. Best for durable construction – Kavallerie Dressage Boots: Lightweight and breathable, 3D Air Mesh construction, excellent shock absorption. 

3. Best for exercise – NKTM Boots Horse Exercise Boots: It is amazing for pain and chronic inflammation reducer, quality Neoprene material, and wear resistance. 

4. Best for trailing – HORZE Protective Horse Tendon Boots: It comes with durable plastic material, additional support, and protection, and strong hook-and-loop fasteners. 

5. Best for athlete horses – Weaver Leather Prodigy Athletic Boots: Dynamic Sling System, shock-absorbing EVA foam, Superior support. 

6. Best for quality – MAYiT Horse Tendon Boots: It comes with high-quality materials, velcro straps, and PU + Neoprene combination. 

Top 6 best horse jumping boots review

We have reviewed the top-notches best horse jumping boots mandatory for racer horses to protect their legs, ankles, and feet. We have researched quality time on this topic and figured out what boots horses wear for jumping. So, let’s check. 

1) Kavallerie Horse Tendon Boots 

Kavallerie horse tendon boots come with a dual Velcro loopback system and a fastening button. The Kavallerie tendon boots are lightweight, flexible, non-restrictive, and provide shock absorption while riding. 

These professional choice open-front boots come with a soft choice to prevent rubbing and soreness. They protect your horses’ tendons and ligaments from injuries while jumping. These tendon boots will fit most horses’ hooves from size B to EEE.  

These Kavallerie Horse Tendon Boots are available in two sizes, medium and large. And there have two black and white colors in this model. Moreover, you can return a product within 90 days to get your money back. 

Key Features:

  • The soft lining design can efficiently protect horse ligaments and tendons from injuries while jumping and running. 
  • It is respectively great for shock, impact, and rubbing prevention.
  • Comfortable and lightweight boots that allow the horse for show jumping at high speed. 
  • The anti-slip material and easy fastening system provide security during the fastest activities. 

What customers are saying:

Existing customers are very happy with the moisture-wicking sweat and extraordinary moisture-absorbing power. Besides, customers have said about its excellent shock and impact prevention features. 

No, downside has been found for these attractive boots. 

2) Kavallerie Dressage Boots for Horses

Are you seeking show jumping boots for horses? Kavallerie dressage boots are made with the best materials to ensure your horse’s comfort. They are also lightweight and breathable so that heat doesn’t build up during training or riding.

Hence, the 3D Air Mesh construction helps against boot slippage while providing excellent shock absorption and impact protection. As it is an amazing product as it can give you an incredible experience every day of your life. 

Kavallerie manufacturing brand offers an excellent 90-Day Guarantee for any pair of horse jumping boots. Also, know that medium and large sizes are available in these boots. And the available color is black and white. 

Key Features:

  • An elegant and professional look is a perfect fit for professional equestrian riding.
  • The breathable air mesh material reduces hit and provides air circulation. 
  • The great durability of the DuroPlastic shell can prevent shock and impact 
  • Rust-free triple Copper ensures easier slip on and off for higher protection

What customers are saying:

The customers have said about the durable and breathable mesh construction. At the same time, they are praised for their lightweight and elegant design and convenient functions. 

Some customers have not found the smaller size in this model, and they get disappointed about it. 

3) NKTM Open Front Boots Horse Exercise Boots

Do you have a horse? Are you looking for the best show jumping boots for the rider that can protect racing horses while getting dirty?  We’ve got the boots for you! We love to introduce you to the NKTM Open Front Boots Horse that comes with form-fitting and extreme vented sport boots with a closer contour fit.

These boots can be used on all four legs, so there’s no need to worry about switching them out when it comes time to ride. They are incredibly efficient to reduce chronic inflammation, pain, and injury. And because of their soft and comfortable, high-quality Neoprene material. 

This NKTM has come in only one size and two-color black and red-black combination. 

Key Features:

  • Durable PU leather outer surface with soft, comfortable Neoprene liner
  • These boots are worn resistant and easy to clean and dry
  • It has two hooks and closures to ensure a perfect fit
  • This boot can reduce chronic pain and inflammation 

What customers are saying:

Current customers appreciate this boot pair because of its tough exterior and comfortable interior. At the same time, many people have talked about its interesting red-black combination color.

Few customers have complained about the scuff marks on the boot surface. 

4) HORZE Protective Horse Tendon Boots

Are you looking for the best tendon support boots for horses? HORZE Protective Horse Tendon Boots come with a great solution for your horse when it is jumping or trail riding!

The sturdy plastic construction material is durable that can defend your horse’s tendon from strikes and several injuries. Furthermore, it had a soft neoprene outer lining that works like a cushion. So, you can prevent rubbing and discomfort. 

Its strong hook-and-loop fasteners work to maintain balance and stretch. Hence, it can correctly distribute comfort and protection all over the legs. 

The dimension of this pair is 10.12 x 4.88 x 3.7 inches, and the weight is 12.48 Ounces. Also, you are getting six amazing color-choosing options. 

Key Features:

  • It has a great combination of support and protection for injuries.
  • The durable plastic material can protect the horse’s tendon in jumping and trail riding. 
  • The soft neoprene lining works as a soft cushion and provides long-lasting comfort. 
  • It has a stretchy and strong loop and hooks that provide a precise balance.

What customers are saying:

Existing customers have talked about the long-lasting performance, excellent protection, and perfect balancing. Besides, they love the easy-to-clean feature. 

Some customers have expressed frustration that this product is often unavailable.

5) Weaver Leather Prodigy Athletic Boots

Are you looking for a reliable boots pair that has come with additional support? Weaver Prodigy Boots are the most comfortable and protective boots on the market. 

These are made with an innovative Dynamic Sling System that provides superior support and protection from dirt, rocks, and more. The elastic binding keeps your legs free from dirt, while the neoprene liner is compatible with keeping your feet warm in winter. 

These boots also feature a form-fitting design with shock-absorbing EVA foam to keep you protected all day long! As it is available in 2 packs you can get two pairs at once!

The dimension of this boot is 11 x 8 x 6 inches, and the weight is 1.5 Pounds. You don’t have to think about the color because it is available in 14 colors. 

Key Features:

  • Superior support for suspensory ligaments of a jumping horse
  • The Dynamic Sling System and perfect fit is best for training and competition
  • It is shock and impact absorbing to ensure ultimate protection 

What customers are saying:

The existing customers rated this boot for superior support, perfect fit, and ultimate protection. 

A few customers have asked about the low-quality stitching. 

6) MAYiT Horse Tendon Boots 

Are you looking for the best jumping boots for the horse to protect your horse’s legs? The MAYiT Horse Tendon Boots are the perfect solution. They’re anatomically shaped and made with high-quality materials that will keep your horse comfortable while protecting its tendons from injury.

The 5cm wide double velcro straps are set on elastic that secure them and also prevent the horse from unexpected slipping and twisting. Plus, they have an open front to move when running at high speeds like jumping!

The dimension of MAYiT is 12.6 x 3.94 x 3.15 inches, and the weight is 0.35 Ounces. And the available colors are black, blue, red and brown.

Key Features: 

  • The mixed material of PU + Neoprene combination makes this pair perfect for horse legs.
  • Double layered neoprene material inside the boot provides added comfort.
  • The 5 cm velcro straps protect the boots from slipping, sliding, and twisting.

What customers are saying:

The customers said about the double-layered inside material, PU and Neoprene construction, and 5 cm velcro straps. 

It is not available for smaller size horses’ legs that are disappointing to some customers. 

Considering things before choosing horse jumping boots

When you have an active horse for jumping and racing, you need to think about a pair of horse boots. Here are some variables to remember when choosing the right boots for the best protection for your horse’s feet.


The must-have function of horse jumping boots is shock and impact-resistant power. So, ensure the quality of shock-absorbing and impact-resistant power when picking up boots for the horse. 


Horse boots material would be comfortable and protective for horse boots. It means a material that is lightweight and breathable. The leather boots are very comfortable but a bit expensive. Besides, leather material is sensitive and needs extra care.  

In recent times, neoprene material is the most popular and convenient to use. Moreover, Neoprene is lightweight, less expensive, and comfortable. You can also choose PVC material that is hard enough for protection. 


Usually, horse boots come in the market in three sizes: small, medium, and large. However, the manufacturing company often releases this size and the middle size of the boots and the market. We recommend choosing a perfect fit boot for your horse. 


Whatever your horse is used to trail riding, jumping, or running, the boots may easily be dirt. So, choosing products that are easy to clean is an added benefit for you. As well as choose a product that is easier to dry. 


There are different types of horse boots like tendon, open-fronted, close tendon, best brushing boots, and Fetlock Boots. Each type of boot has come with unique features and purpose. So, choose one pair as per your requirement. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1) What boots should I put on my horse for jumping?

The combination of fetlock boots and tendon boots would be best for horse jumping. These are good for schooling, competition, exercise, and jumping. Do note that some fetlock boots have come with additional support and comfort. 

2) Should my horse wear boots jump?

Wearing boots for jumping is not mandatory for all horses. Remember that some horses are naturally reaching a higher level in jumping, but some can’t. If you want to ensure the safety of the feet of any horse, use a pair of jumping boots for them. 

3) Which horse boots are the best?

After considering the positive customer feedback, product quality, the list of 6 horse jumping boots so far has been given to you.

  • Kavallerie Horse Tendon Boots 
  • Kavallerie Dressage Boots
  • NKTM Boots Horse Exercise Boots
  • HORZE Protective Horse Tendon Boots
  • Weaver Leather Prodigy Athletic Boots
  • MAYiT Horse Tendon Boots 

4) Can you jump a horse in sports boots?

Yes, you can wear it because you need a pair of protective footwear that can save your feet from sliding. Usually, a jumping horse has a faster speed, so there are several dangers to fall, so you need to wear boots. 

Final Words:

You perhaps realize that a pair of best horse jumping boots is essential for a horse’s leg protection. We have listed our top-notch horse jumping boots above.

So, you can pick up one from the list. But we recommend making sure about the buying considering factors first.

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