Best saddle for thoroughbred (Comfort & Safety)

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Thoroughbred is a special horse breed that is popular for horse racing. This breed confirmation is different from other horses, and it is known as the “hot-blooded” horses. Usually, the thoroughbred is unique for its agility, spirit, and speed. 

We know saddle refers to a support structure that needs to fasten on an animal with girth. It mainly protects the animal from hurting and ensures the rider’s comfort. 

Thoroughbred horses come in various conformations, so it may be tricky to figure out the best saddle for thoroughbred; today, we are happy to provide you with a review of the top five saddles for your thoroughbred saddle brand horse. So, let’s start. 

Our Top Picks

1. Best for horse jumping – Wintec 500 Flocked Jump Saddle: High-end synthetic material, easy cleaning, supportive seat. Extra soft grip. 

2. Best for traditional style – Acerugs Premium Horse Saddle Set: Classic style, budget-friendly price, leather construction, available versatile size. 

3. Best for all-purpose use – Acerugs Premium All-Purpose Saddle: A complete saddle package, premium cowhides leather construction, compatible with longer flaps, and a high cantle. 

4. Best for affordable price – Breyer Traditional Dressage Saddle: Affordable price, special knee support, soft quilted pad, and elegant look. 

5. Best for durability – All Purpose Black Leather Horse Saddle: Premium material, padded seat, concealed knee rolls, and reinforced leather strap

Top five best saddle for thoroughbred reviews

As a part of the horse racing organization, we realize that a causal saddle doesn’t work for a thoroughbred horse breed. But a lot of guys get wrong when choosing a saddle for racing horses. That is why we have researched and figured out these top products. 

1) Wintec 500 Flocked Jump Saddle

Do you worry about your safety when a thoroughbred horse jumps in higher? Then here is the end of your tension because we have come with a Wintec 500 Flocked thoroughbred saddle. This best gp saddle for thoroughbreds is consistently great for regular racing and special for horse jumping. 

Moreover, it is constructed from high-end synthetic material. So, you will get a flexible and durable grip for maximum comfort. In the meantime, your thoroughbred horse will get comfort from a soft leather grip. 


The construction material of the Wintec jump saddle is Synthetic that is long-lasting and comfortable. And the weight of this saddle is 41 pounds. 

Key Features:

  • A supportive seat is proven to provide you with a secure flyover and jumping.
  • Flexible and durable leather grip provides comfort for flyover
  • soft panels to ensure your thoroughbred horse muscle comfort on every stride.


  • Easy cleaning for dirt and sweat
  • Added comfort with extra soft grip


  • There has not been any downside till now

2) Acerugs Premium English Horse Saddle Set

Do you prefer a traditional-style saddle for your thoroughbred racing horse? Let’s know about Acerugs premium saddle that is perfect for traditional style and budget-friendly price. This brand is incredibly popular as a newly arrived because of the product quality and style. 

Moreover, Acerugs has concealed knee rolls, padded seats, and flaps that ensure a secure and comfortable seat for the rider. Overall, this best English saddle is great for equation worker riders and thoroughbred horses. 


This saddle is of leather material, and the color is dark brown. At the same time, you will get a pair of stainless-steel hardware. Do note that the rein length is 109 inches. 

Key Features:

  • Durable leather construction provides maximum comfort for both riders and horses.
  • Stainless-steel hardware is quite good for long-lasting durability
  • Padded leather knee rolls and a soft seat are promising to protect the horseback.


  • Durable leather construction and steel hardware
  • The traditional style is suitable for all rider
  • Available versatile size


  • Some customers have complained about faulty saddle sets.

3) Acerugs Premium All Purpose Horse Saddle 

Are you looking for a saddle that is suitable for all-purpose use in horse riding? We highly praised the black leather Acerugs horse saddle. It is a standard choice for those who require a saddle package within a medium price range. 

Hence, the concealed knee rolls and padded flaps allow a rider balance in horse racing. If you would love to work on an equation, then it will be best for you. Also, Acerugs are good for a horse in the padded panel. 


The construction is of 100% premium cowhide leather with steel hardware. Its color is fully black, and its available size is 15 to 18. 

Key Features:

  • It has Multiple D-Rings that is crucial for connecting with the straps and saddlebags.
  • This model is compatible with longer flaps and a high cantle position
  • The premium quality cowhides leather material is using to ensures the durability


  • High product quality within a medium price
  • 100% pure cowhide leather material


  • The stirrup leather is less durable

4) Breyer Traditional Dressage Saddle

The best dressage saddle for thoroughbreds is suitable for rider knee support. But it also supports riders’ security and horse comfort. You can think about this saddle because it is genglishood in quality, lower in price, and top in customer reviews. Most importantly, we recommend this saddle for a comfortable seat and an elegant modern look. 

Moreover, premium leather is its material. So, you can roughly use these minimum few years—besides soft padded seats and steel hardware. 


The overall dimension of Breyer is 0.79 x 6.69 x 7.48 inches, and the weight is 3.2 ounces. And you will get this product in multiple colors.

Key Features:

  • A black color traditional saddle comes with a comfortable seat and elegant look. 
  • It comes with a soft quilt-pad to relax on your horseback
  • Authentic style offers multiple benefits is horse racing


  • Incredibly affordable price
  • Added comfort with a quilted pad


  • Some customers are disappointed with the material 

5) All-Purpose Black Leather Horse Saddle

It is the best trail saddle for thoroughbred horseback for the last few years. Contemporary style, durability, and quality built are the main features of this saddle as well as the price and customer ratings are notable. 

Also, know that all-purpose saddle material is premium leather. Luckily, you will get many functions here like concealed knee rolls, padded seats, and flaps as it is as comfortable for the rider as it is for the horse. 


This saddle has a 15″ – 18″ seat size with a 6″ gullet. Also, know that the rein length is 109″. And this saddle color is black. 

Key Features:

  • A complete package with tack accessory that is enough for a starter
  • It comes with Bridle, Stirrup Leathers, Reins, Girth, and Stirrup Irons. 
  • A deep padded saddle is great for trail riding with thoroughbred horse


  • Durable reinforced leather strap
  • Lowered pummel design


  • This saddle is often getting unavailable

Considering things before Buying a saddle for thoroughbred

A saddle is the most expensive gear for your horse riding. So, it is essential to consider some factors when you are buying a horse saddle. Here we have mentioned some criteria for you. 

Saddle style:

The first consideration is saddle style because a rider needs individual saddle style for Dressage and jumping. English or best western saddles for high withered horses are suitable for riding around the trail. Besides, you can choose an Australian saddle style that comes with two versions with horns and without horns.

Also, know that the Australian saddle is good for endurance riding. 

Saddle material:

Usually, good-quality saddle material comes with synthetic or leather. The previous saddle had come with nylon material and bright colors. But recently, you will get a saddle with synthetic, leather, and suede material. Good to know that synthetic fabric is lightweight and easy to clean. 


It is important to consider how much it fits with your thoroughbred racing horse. Because if you don’t have a best-fitting saddle for thoroughbreds, you will have problems with your rides even if you may fall. That is why it is mandatory to choose the right gullet width.

The horseshoes have some variations, so it’s hard to choose the perfect fit right now. So, the best way is to choose the right gullet size.

New or old saddle:

Generally, a new saddle costs a lot, so you can also pick up an older saddle. Rather in many cases, the old saddle is much more comfortable. There are some older saddles to buy at a reasonable price. However, it is important to check out the leather quality before purchasing. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

1) What is the best saddle for a thoroughbred?

The best saddle for a thoroughbred racing horse should come with a deep seat, durable straps, and comfortable and long-lasting material.

Besides, it should have drop panels, front gussets, and rear gussets. It would be the best saddle for a thoroughbred when a saddle comes with all of these features. 

2) What is the average gullet size for a thoroughbred?

The gullet size may vary depending on the horse bar size. For example, a semi-quarter horse bar needs 6 1/4″ gullet and Quarter Horse Bars need 6 1/2″ to 6 3/4″ gullet.

Usually, any of these gullet sizes is a perfect fit for 80% of horses. On the other hand, Full-Quarter horse bars required a 7″ gullet. 

3) What size saddle fits a thoroughbred?

Firstly, Compare the saddle size with the horseback measurement. The precise saddle size is 16 inches while the horseback is between 16.5 and 18.5 inches. Then the saddle size will be 17-inch if the horseback measurement is between 20 and 21.5 inches.

On the contrary, choose an 8″ or 19 “saddle if the horseback measurement is 21.5 inches. 

4) How do you saddle a thoroughbred?              

Saddling a thoroughbred is a step-by-step process.

Here are the required methods to saddle a thoroughbred correctly. 

  • Brush the horse
  • Prepare the blanket or pad
  • Lift the saddle
  • Check out the saddle
  • Prepare for cinch
  • Connect the Girth
  • Remove the Wrinkles 

Final Word:

We hope you’ll find the best saddle for thoroughbreds from the list mentioned in this article. All of those products are selected based on their customer ratings, product quality, popularity, and reasonable price.  Moreover, it would be better to consider the facts of the buying guide.

A good fit saddle can make your horse ride, but an inappropriate saddle can ruin your horse riding. So, be aware of the mandatory things to get the best thoroughbred horse saddle.

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