5 Best Saddle Pad for Ranch Work in 2022

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Do you want to ensure ultimate comfort to the ranch horses? Are you looking for the Best Ranch Saddle Pad for the horses? If yes, then this article is the right one as we have highlighted a detailed review on the Best Saddle Pad For Ranch Work.

Every rider out there is familiar with the phrase, ‘It’s just a ranch horse.’ However, these ranchers are special class horses who work much harder than the others. Thus, they obviously deserve a high-grade saddle pad made especially keeping their comfort in mind. Being a fellow horse rider, I believe you feel the same, which has dragged you to our content.

Choosing the best one among hundreds of saddle pads is surely complicated. That’s why we have come up with five saddle pads, their authentic reviews, a buying guide, along with the most probable queries. So, please don’t waste time & let’s jump in!

Our Top Picks!

1. Best Saddle Pad For Contoured Spinal Spine: Diamond Wool Cowboy Pad: Its contoured shape and woolen construction will support the horseback even in intense ranching.

2. Best All Purpose Saddle Pad: 5 Star Equine Rancher Saddle Pad: It’s a classy saddle pad for ultimate comfort & protection whether the rider is on a trail or ranch work.

3. Best Saddle Pad For High Durability: NRS 5 Star Rancher Saddle Pad: It’s a well-made saddle pad perfect for trailing & ranching for an extended period.

4. Best Saddle Pad With Comfy Design: 5 Star Equine Flex-Fit Rancher Saddle Pad: 5 star Equine has manufactured this saddle pad with ultimate wither protection.

5. Best Ranching Saddle Pad For Fittings & Appearance: Diamond Wool Contoured Ranch Pad: The brand has offered perfect fitting, superior performance, and mesmerizing colors within an 

Best Ranch Saddle Pad Reviews: Have A Comfy Ride During The Ranch Works!

In this section, we have reviewed the comfiest saddle pad for the hard-working ranchers. Rely on our content as we have spent hours on research just to deliver the authentic reviews along with their detailed pros & cons. So, are you ready for our premium guidance?

1. Diamond Wool Cowboy Pad: 

Diamond Contour wood Cowboy pad is the first product on our list. It’s a high-grade pad with a tan woolen top & the bottom features 100% pure brown wool. Its special soft woolen bottom will ensure maximum spinal comfort. If a buyer is looking for a comfy woolen pad for spinal support, a Diamond Wool pad will be an ideal choice.


  • Brand Name: Diamond Wool.
  • Dimensions: 32″ x 14″ x 2″.
  • Material: tan wool & brown wool.
  • Pad Size: 32″ x32″ x1/2″ 
  • Package Weight: 1.68 kg.


  • Diamond Wool Cowboy Pad is a woolen pad specially designed to maintain the natural curves of the spine.
  • The Top features a soft surface specially made of tan wool.
  • 100% poor brown wool supports the under the surface of the saddle pad.
  • Its unique wither relief notch tends to reduce bruising, prevent injuries and keep the horse healthy.
  • The overall finish of the leather ensures superior longevity.

What Does The Customer Like?

  • It’s a quality saddle pad to keep the horses healthy even after long hours of ranching. The bottom design is very supportive.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

  • Some customers doubt its longevity.

2. 5 Star Equine Rancher Saddle Pad:

5-star saddle pads are the top class product of 5-star Equine suitable for racing, ranching, trailing, and even roping. It will keep the horse secured & healthy by stabilizing & dissipating excess moisture. If a buyer wants the best all-purpose saddle pad, we will definitely recommend this one.


  • Brand Name: 5 Star Equine.
  • Package Dimensions: 32″ x 16″ x 7″.
  • Material: 100% pure woolen felt.
  • Package Weight: 0.45 kg.


  • 5 Star Equine manufactured the 100% pure woolen felt pad in the USA
  • The brand offered maximum support, durability, and comfort to both the horse and the rider.
  • The Contoured shaped comfy woolen pad will perfectly fit the horse and remain by your side for an extended period. 
  • Riders don’t have to go for extra paddings or blankets. So, the pad will show minimum saddle movement & slippage.  
  • Its materials are three times more efficient in COMPRESSION protection than regular synthetic pads.

What Does The Customer Like?

  • 5 Star Equine Rancher Saddle Pad is the best woolen pad with sufficient wither protection & comfort. Trust me; it won’t disappoint the riders with its fast & long-term service.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

  • No significant inconvenience.

3. NRS 5 Star Rancher Saddle Pad:

NRS Rancher pad is another premium pad of 5-star Equine with superior thickness. Their innovative engineers designed it, especially for long trail riders & ranchers. Due to its perfect thickness and reduced cinching, NRS Rancher Pad is one of the best western saddle pads 2021.


  • Brand: 5 Star Equine.
  • Thickness: 1-⅛”
  • Item Dimensions: 32″ x 14″ x 2″.
  • Weight: 8.6 lbs.
  • Size: 32″× 32″.


  • The high-class NRS saddle pad originated from the USA.
  • It is pretty thick (around 1-⅛”) that eliminates the need for double padding.
  • The horse will feel comfy even in intense ranching as the NRS pad offers better fitting with reduced slippage.
  • Its durable construction is perfect for training as well as ranching.

What Does The Customer Like?

  • NRS saddle pad is an outstanding item with the best construction, comfort & feel. 

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

  • Even though it is pricey, the extra bucks are really worth it.

4. 5 Star Equine Flex-Fit Rancher Saddle Pad: 

When we think about Rancher pads, 5-star saddle pads always appear at the top. Their Flex-Fit Rancher Saddle Pad is not any exception. Its perfect size, thickness, and Flex-Fit design have caught the attention of every professional rancher out there.


  • Brand: 5 Star Equine.
  • Package Dimension: ‎32″ x 14″ x 2″.
  • Weight: 8.6 lbs.
  • Size: 32″×32″.
  • Thickness: 1-⅛”.
  • Color: Natural.


  • The brand 5 star Equine has featured it with perfect size (32″×32″) and thickness (1-⅛”).
  • It offers superior flexibility, and comfort with tight fittings. 
  • Its Flex-Fit construction is especially suitable for high to wither relief.
  • This ropper & ranching saddle pad is available in natural colors.

What Does The Customer Like?

  • Flex Fit Rancher Saddle Pad is a quality item with the best support for wither relief. Their customer service is pretty fast & responsive as well.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

  • It’s a bit expensive.

5. Diamond Wool Contoured Ranch Pad:

Diamond Wool manufactured their ranching pads keeping the utmost comfort of the horse in mind. Its felt top sheet, outer canvas layer, and wither relief notch has taken comfort to a new level.


  • Brand: Diamond Wool.
  • Item Dimensions: ‎33″ x 17″ x 4″.
  • Package Weight: 1.2 kg.
  • Size: 32″×32″.
  • Color: Burgundy.


  • Diamond Wool manufactured the Contoured Ranch Pad with felt & cotton canvas.
  • The top sheet features a durable ½-inches felt layer covered with cotton canvas.
  • Its contoured shape is super supportive against soreness.
  • The brand features a unique wither relief notch to promote overall comfort.
  • The finishing of the distressed leather is super smooth, comfy, and appealing.

What Does The Customer Like?

  • It’s a classy saddle pad of premium quality. The overall fittings & perfect is pretty impressive. Moreover, the color variants are mesmerizing as well.

What Does The Customer Dislike? 

  • Its turquoise-colored pad isn’t the real turquoise.

How To Choose The Best Ranch Saddle Pad In 2021?

Even after going through our reviews, a clever buyer would be curious – why did we consider them as ‘The best ever saddle pad?’ What are their specialties? How to Choose The Best Saddle Pad For Ranch Work? 

In order to quench that curiosity, we have marked up four significant factors that a buyer should check before making a purchase. So, my dear customer, are you ready to dive in & inspect?


When a rider is out for ranching for prolonged hours, durability is a must factor to consider. Obviously, the working area is much more rough & different than a covered arena. Sturdy construction & weather resistance are the basic requirements so that the saddle pad doesn’t end up slipping around or appears like a compressed pancake. 


Comfort is an obvious factor to be considered. I bet no horse would like the extended ranching if the saddle is ill-fitted. An uncomfortable pad will definitely lead to soreness at a later period. So, be aware to check out fittings, shapes, and materials before investing. 


Safety is obviously a priority, especially when a rider is trailing on rough terrain or occupied in ranching. Investing in a cheap saddle pad with poor quality will definitely disturb the health of the horse. Eventually, the rider will be in danger due to the negative & grumpy behavior of the horse. 


If a rider is interested in saddle pads specially designed for ranch work, his horse must be too accustomed to ranching. If it’s a regular task, investing in a quality saddle pad is mandatory. Undoubtedly they are expensive, but their longevity pacifies the cost.

If ranching or trailing is an occasional thing for the horse, just go with an affordable one that can at least perform the task.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

What is the best material for a horse saddle pad? 

The main purpose of using a saddle is to save the horseback from excess shock. That’s why materials like wool fleece are the best ones for superior shock absorption.

Nowadays, modern wool pads are featured with gel foam & closed-cell foam to improve bounces & prevent soreness.

How thick should a saddle pad be?

The overall thickness of the saddle pad may vary depending on the rider’s weight, riding period, and many more. If a rider rides for at least 4 hours regularly, we would suggest purchasing a ⅞-inches thick pad.

If the rider & his belongings weigh more than200 pounds, a ⅞-inches pad is a must. However, a 1-inches saddle pad will be the best choice.

Is a felt or wool Saddle pad better? 

Felt is basically compressed wool that offers greater benefits than usual fleece. Other than shock absorption, felt is also responsible for dissipating sweat & superior heat transfer. Thus, in overall comparison, felt pads are relatively better indeed.

Final Verdict: 

Ranching with an ill-fitted saddle pad may take a toll on your horse. No horse owner would want their riding partner to suffer like that. That’s why we have reviewed Best Saddle Pad For Ranch Work while keeping the ranching horses in mind.

All of our recommended pads are pretty awesome and functional. However, I have loved the 5 Star Equine Rancher Saddle Pad & NRS 5 Star Rancher Saddle Pad most for their construction & fittings. Invest on the pad that suits your horse the most and have a productive & comfy ride!

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