Breeches for horse riding: Types & guides

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Breeches are by far the best thing to wear while horse riding. They are necessary if you are riding in hot conditions, they protect your legs from being scratched up by the saddle, and they help keep your legs more relaxed because breeches breathe better than pants.

Besides that, breeches have another important function – they’re flattering! Many people prefer breeches for this reason.

Breeches are typically made of lightweight material, such as chamois or synthetic fabrics, to comfort hot weather.

Different types of breeches

Breeches are one of the most pivotal pieces of clothing that can be worn for equestrian pursuits.

There are different types of breeches for all types of riding and work, but here we will discuss three popular options. 

The first type is Knee-Patch Breeches, the second is Full-Seat Breeches, and the last is Riding Tights.

1. Knee-Patch Breeches: 

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Knee-Patch Breeches
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Knee-patch breeches offer grip & durability with comfort & protection for your knees while performing jumping. The fabric is usually Polyester, Spandex to provide extra advantages. 

Knee-patch breeches were designed to give the rider a more comfortable and flexible fit and protect the rider’s knees. They are traditionally worn by both male and female riders during horseback riding competitions; however, they can be worn casually. The design includes a flap of fabric that covers the knee and protects it from rubbing against the saddle or stirrup leathers.

Different types of knee patch breeches are available based on seasons. It would be best if you got perfect breeches that match your demand.

2. Full-Seat Breeches:

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Full-Seat Breeches
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Some may argue that other breeches are better for horse riding, but the people making these arguments are simply uninformed. 

Full-seated breeches are the best type because they offer more coverage and safety for riders.

The fabric in full-seated breeches protects the rider from being exposed to thorns, sticks, and even manure if their horse is not trained correctly.

Let’s read our best full seat breeches review to get more info about full seat breeches.

3. Riding Tights:

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Riding Tights
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Riding tights are a type of pants made for equestrians. They allow the rider to easily mount and dismount their horse without any restrictions on movement.

They are made of stretchy material, typically cotton or lycra, which allows the rider to move freely with their horse. Also made of Polyester, Elastane & Spandex that give riders more comfortable.

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How to choose the best breeches for riding

Many elements need to be considered when purchasing a pair of riding breeches as a rider. Factors such as the type of saddle, distance traveled, and terrain can all impact your decision on which type of breeches to buy.

There are three main categories for riding pants: dressage, show jumping, and all-purpose. The type of pants you choose will impact how you ride based on the tightness or looseness of the fabric.

Things to consider-

  • Consider your riding discipline
  • Body type
  • Height
  • Color
  • Breathable
  • Look for stretchy fabric
  • Avoid uncomfortably tight waistbands
  • Purchase size or two too big so they can be warning over boots or tucking in of pant legs.
  • Avoid uncomfortably tight waistbands.

English riding breeches

Riding breeches are a necessity for any English rider. They protect you from the elements and help you feel comfortable, which will allow you to focus on riding.

And finding the best riding breeches for you is crucial to your comfort and safety. If you want the perfect fit, it’s essential to know your size and what type of fabric will suit your climate. 

That means you’ll need to do some research on the different materials used in riding breeches so that you can find one that suits you best.

Western riding breeches

The most comfortable and best quality riding breeches are made for Western riding. These breeches are designed to be delighted with an elastic waistband while allowing for a full range of motion in the saddle. 

This is because the material stretches with you, preventing any rubbing or chafing. In addition, they’re available in a variety of colors and designs, so you’ll never have trouble finding something that fits your style.

High waisted riding breeches

High waisted riding breeches
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There is nothing more comfortable for some than the luxurious feeling of high-waisted breeches. A high-waisted riding trouser will provide that extra layer of protection and comfort, especially for those who like to show off their long legs and toned thighs.

The higher waistline on the breeches helps keep our clothes in place while we’re out riding around on horseback.

Do you need breeches to ride a horse?

Horses can be ridden without any special equipment, but it’s hard to do so without breeches if you choose to ride in the English riding style. Breeches are trousers covering all or part of the leg and are held up by a belt. 

They go over the top of your boots and jeans and might be worn with jodhpurs (like a type of long underwear) and a saddle.

Why do horse riders wear breeches?

Horse riders wear breeches to prevent damage to their legs. Breeches are a type of long pants covering the whole leg, from the waist down.

The material of the breeches is made out of natural materials or synthetic materials. In recent years, horse riders have been wearing skin-tight pants made from Lycra and nylon.

In some cultures, it’s a status symbol to wear expensive breeches with elaborate stitching and embroidery.

Can you wear full seat breeches for jumping?

Full seat breeches are made for riding with a saddle, but many people have found that they are the best breeches for jumping and other events where riders need to bend and move quickly. 

Many people say that these breeches offer better stability and comfort than other types of breeches. Some people even find that they can jump higher when wearing full seat breeches.

Final Thoughts: 

In conclusion, breeches for horse riding are necessary and exciting in equestrian clothing. 

Purchasing breeches is typically a good investment in equestrian clothing. It is important to buy them according to the style and size desired.

We think this blog will help you decide which breeches will be best for you. So stay with us for more guidance about the equestrian world.

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