Can Cowboy Hats Get Wet

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There’s no need to worry about getting your cowboy hat wet. Whether you’re caught in a rainstorm or sweating on a hot day, your cowboy hat will withstand moisture. The key is to choose the right material.

Hats made of straw or felt are more likely to get ruined if they get wet, so stick with wool or leather.

If you’re caught in a rainstorm while wearing a cowboy hat, there’s no need to worry. Your hat will be just fine. In fact, cowboy hats are designed to withstand all kinds of weather conditions, including rain.

So, if you find yourself caught in a downpour while sporting your favorite cowboy hat, rest assured that it will survive the experience unscathed. And when the sun comes back out, your hat will be looking as good as new.

Will Rain Ruin a Cowboy Hat?

No, rain will not ruin a cowboy hat. In fact, many people believe that a little bit of rain can actually help to improve the quality of the leather.

What Happens If a Cowboy Hat Gets Wet?

If a cowboy hat gets wet, the water will cause the fibers in the hat to swell and the shape of the hat will change. The brim of the hat may curl up or down, and the crown of the hat may become misshapen. If you try to dry a wet cowboy hat by putting it near a heat source, like a fireplace or radiator, the heat will cause the fibers to shrink and your hat will become smaller.

Can Stetson Cowboy Hats Get Wet?

Stetson cowboy hats are made from beaver fur, which is naturally waterproof. However, the leather band and brim can get wet and will take longer to dry than the rest of the hat. If your Stetson gets wet, simply shake it off and let it air dry.

Are Leather Cowboy Hats Waterproof?

No, leather cowboy hats are not waterproof. However, they can be treated with a waterproofing agent to help repel water.

Can My Felt Cowboy Hat Get Wet?

Absolutely! In fact, felt is often used in hats precisely because it can get wet without losing its shape. When you do get your felt cowboy hat wet, simply hang it up to dry – don’t put it in front of a heater or other direct heat source, as this can damage the felt.

Can a Resistol Cowboy Hat Get Wet?

When it comes to cowboy hats, the general rule of thumb is that you should never let them get wet. However, with a Resistol cowboy hat, you can actually get away with getting them wet on occasion without damaging the hat too much. Of course, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and avoid getting your Resistol cowboy hat wet if at all possible.

But if you do happen to get caught in the rain or need to wash your hat for some reason, don’t fret too much – as long as you take proper care of it afterwards, your Resistol cowboy hat should be just fine.

Can Felt Cowboy Hats Get Wet

Can Felt Cowboy Hats Get Wet? This is a question that we get asked a lot here at the Hat Co. and the answer is yes! Felt cowboy hats can absolutely get wet without any damage occurring to the hat.

In fact, many people prefer to wear their felt cowboy hats in the rain or snow because they know that the water will just bead right off of the hat and not cause any harm. Now, we should note that there are different types of felt hats out there and not all of them are created equal. For example, cheaper quality felt hats may start to show some water spots after getting wet whereas a higher quality hat made with better materials will resist those spots.

But overall, you don’t have to worry about your felt cowboy hat getting ruined if it gets caught in a little bit of precipitation.

Can a Straw Hat Get Wet

A straw hat can get wet, but it’s not the best choice for a rainy day. Water will make the straw hat weaker and more likely to break. If you do get caught in the rain with a straw hat, try to dry it off as soon as possible.

Can Felt Hats Get Wet

If you’re caught in a rainstorm, don’t worry – your felt hat can handle a little water. In fact, felt is one of the most waterproof materials around. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind to make sure your hat retains its shape and quality.

First, avoid getting the brim of your hat wet if possible. The weight of the water can cause the brim to droop or even warp. Second, if your hat does get wet, gently shake it off and allow it to air dry – do not use a hair dryer or other heat source as this could damage the fibers.

Finally, store your hat in a cool, dry place when you’re not wearing it to help prolong its life. With a little care, your felt hat will keep you looking sharp no matter what the weather brings.


Yes, cowboy hats can absolutely get wet! In fact, many people believe that cowboy hats actually look better when they’re a little bit wet. If you’re caught in the rain or if you happen to get your hat wet while you’re out riding, don’t worry – just let it dry and enjoy the unique look of a wet cowboy hat.

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