Can I wear shorts for horseback riding?

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Wearing a casual full sleeve shirt or pants during horseback riding in the scorching summer heat is challenging. Some horse riders prefer to wear shorts to ensure their comfort in summer because they control their legs to avoid restrictions. But the beginners are often asked, can I wear shorts horseback riding?

In most cases, horseback riding is not suitable because there have safety issues. The leather saddle will rub riders’ legs, and the skin may get pinched quickly. It will make the skin of the feet peel, and the rider will feel severe pain.

In this guide, we discuss horseback riding clothes. As well as, you will know the advantages and disadvantages of horseback riding with shorts.

When a rider prefers Shorts, Horseback Riding?

Although, wearing a short for horseback riding is not recommended but, in some cases, riders love to choose shorts. Here are some of those reasons.

When a rider prefers Shorts, Horseback Riding?
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When riders are experienced with many shorts horseback riding, they usually prefer to wear this cloth in the extensive summer heat.

You also can wear horse riding shorts, and they will give you comfort after a few days of practice. However, it is only good for a casual short horse-riding trip.

Short riding trip:

Those interested in wearing shorts for horseback riding can wear them for a short trip in a short time. As a result, they can practice controlling their legs with shorts.

Besides, they can come back to the farm, garden, or lawn if there have any uncomfortable situation after wearing shorts.

Obstacle free-riding:

Good to know that horseback riding in several obstacles can fall you in danger. So, always avoid obstacles when you are wearing a short for horse jumping and racing.

Swimming and dipping:

If you want to go horse riding and dive into the water or take a short walk around the sea beach, you can wear shorts. Keep in mind that shorts are the best choice for water areas because it is easier to dry.

In extensive hot weather:

When the summer temperature is unbearable, you can wear shorts for horseback riding. In that case, it is essential to use sunblock and be careful when riding.

For photoshoot:

If you want to take some amazing photos with your horseback riding, you can wear your favorite shorts, which are not restrictive for you. Besides, many riders love to wear shorts only when they ride on their horse because it is their hobby.

Can I wear leggings horseback riding?

Can I wear leggings horseback riding
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Yes, you can wear leggings for horseback riding because it is convenient from all aspects. Mainly, legging works well as like tight-fitting jeans, breeches, jodhpurs, and pants.

First of all, legging is so comfortable to wear. At the same time, it is breathable and fashionable for the smart horse rider. Besides, wearing leggings is suitable for a perfect fit with rider body type.

Secondly, horse riding legging is safe for a rider because it can save the user’s leg and feet from rubbing, pinching, and damaging. Moreover, the legging material is usually of soft cotton that provides comfort to a rider’s leg.

So, overall, you can wear leggings for horseback riding for better performance.

What to wear horseback riding in hot weather?

What to wear horseback riding in the summer?

In summer, you will generally feel extensive heat and sunburn when coming out for horseback riding.

So, what are the comfortable clothes and gear for horseback riding in hot weather? Today, I am sharing some efficient ways to keep yourself cool and secure in summer.

Choose moisture-wicking cloth:

Our body sweats a lot on hot days. And our skin, clothes absorb those sweats in maximum time. So, if you wear moisture-wicking cloth, it can off the moisture from the body.

For this reason, must choose moisture-wicking cloth material. Even you can protect your skin from extensive sunburn with a moisture-wicking cloth.

Lightweight material:

Microfiber’s material is most lightweight and comfortable for summer horseback riding. Besides, these clothes are easy to dry and carry.

Good to know that a lightweight dress supports a lot during horse riding.


A summer horse riding cloth must have to be breathable because a breathable cloth can breathe properly through the inside. And so, you will be sweat-free.

Not only that, the breathable cloth will provide comfort for a long time in summer.

Wear lighter colors:

Dark color cloth is always preferable for regular horse riding, especially when working in a garden, barn, or agricultural farm.

However, this fact is different for the summer season. Do note that light color can absorb less heat than a dark color.

So, it is perfect to choose the light color as much as possible for your summer horse riding.

Built-in SPF:

Sunburning is a common problem in summer horseback riding. In some cases, it may get unbearable to stay under extensive sunburn. Your cloth can protect you from the harmful sun rays.

In this case, a proper cloth can support more than SPF or Sun Protection. Do note that there has some durable cloth material to prevent ultraviolet rays.

What to wear horseback riding on the Beach?

What to wear horseback riding on the Beach
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It is important always to choose comfortable clothing for horse riding at Sea or river Beach. Although many people think that bikinis and shorts are perfect, there are better options than that. You can wear shorts if you want, but it is recommended to loosen them.

There are sun rays at the Beach, so it is better to wear a cap and a full sleeve shirt to protect yourself from ultraviolet rays. It is crucial to think about the comfort and style level as well as the benefits.

For this reason, we recommend wearing lightweight and light color clothes.

What to wear horseback riding on vacation?

What to wear horseback riding on vacation
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What do you think about equestrian vacation? Then what to wear horseback riding on vacation? some essentials are good to remember before starting your vacation.

So, it is important to ensure what you have to wear and keep with you for vacation? Here is the list of essential items for horseback riding.

Closed-toe shoes with a heel:

Closed toes work best for vacations for maximum foot protection. Horses can often hit the soles of their feet; then, a closed-toe boot can provide support.

Moreover, a little bit of heel can prevent sliding.

Long pants:

Longer pants like breeches and riding tights are the perfect choice for horse riding on vacation. Long pants prevent rubbing the legs with the saddle. Also, remember that heavier, dark color and the slippery fabric is not good for horse riding pants.


A helmet always brings many benefits so that you can keep a helmet with you on vacation. Many riders don’t carry helmets because it takes a lot of space in the travel bag, but you can store small accessories inside the helmet when carrying it.

Long sleeve shirt:

Do you prefer jungle or Beach for horse riding vacation?

In both of those cases, you will need to wear a full sleeve shirt to save your hand from the adverse condition. For example, a full sleeve shirt protects arms from scratch, prickers, and insects biting.


A sunny day is good for horseback riding, but there are some problems. The main problem is that the intense sunlight will dazzle your eyes.

A good quality sunglass will relieve you of this problem and make your horse riding more enjoyable.

Water Bottle:

Although it is not a cloth but an essential gear for horse riding in summer, horse riding needs stamina that mostly comes for proper hydration.

So, keep a water bottle to drink water when you get dehydrated.

Cell phone holder:

If you are fond of taking selfies when riding, it is challenging to hold them in your hand. But the best cell phone holder can solve this problem.

So, having a phone holder with a hand or waist is important, and choose such a phone holder is easier to access.

Bug spray:

If you thinking to go horse riding in a jungle, bug spray is important for your vacation. There may have a lot of mosquitoes and pests, especially in summer areas.

What shoes to wear horseback riding?

What shoes to wear for horseback riding? wearing a good pair of shoes can keep you cool and safe when horse riding. It is recommended to choose 1 inch to 1 1/2-inch heel for horseback riding.

You will enjoy versatile benefits with a medium heel shoe, and it will prevent sliding and provide medium traction.

There have versatile riding shoes for horseback riding, and the type of shoes depends on the riders’ requirements and riding areas. Most importantly, what type of riding you often do will help to choose the ideal shoes.

  • English riding boots
  • Traditional long riding boots
  • Short riding boots
  • Western riding boots
  • Alternative riding boots

What to wear horseback riding the first time?

If you are planning for horseback riding without previous experience, here are important guidelines. These gear and clothes can protect you from an unexpected accident.

Close-Toed Shoes:

A pair of close Toed shoes will protect your toes, leaves, and ankles from friction and injury. Moreover, this shoe will provide comfort to your feet.

Moreover, close-toe shoes also support your horse.

Long pants:

Not only for you, but it is also important for everyone to wear long pants or leggings or jeans for horseback riding because it is safer than short.

If you fall from horseback, your legs will be gone and, in many cases, can be fatal bleeding.


In any accident, the head can injure first, and it can cause death. So, it is highly important to wear a helmet during horseback riding. Your experience in the new situation is less, so it is better to care before any danger occurs.


You must wear a pair of hand gloves to protect your hand and protect the head, body, and legs.

Horse controlling rope can damage the palm, and in this case, gloves will protect your palm.

Body protector:

There have some excellent body protect that secure the body from hit and friction. However, the expert rider avoids wearing body protectors because they have enough controlling power on their horse.

Best Horse Riding Helmets for Girls

Troxel Spirit Performance Helmet

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Troxel Spirit Performance Helmet
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Troxel Spirit is a fantastic helmet for horseback riding designed as a low profile and full coverage feature. This helmet has all the interesting functions and features to ensure the best benefits of advanced air-channel technology.

For example, the dial fit system provides optimal comfort, and this helmet has enough air ventilation. The 13 x 9 x 8 inches dimension is the perfect suit for adults. Besides, the 1.8 Pounds weight is compatible for all.

Key Features of the Troxel helmet

  • It has a soft-touch dial pad system that provides quick and precise adjustment and helmet stability on the head.
  • The flexible polymer molded design prevents the Flex Visor from shattering, cuts or scrapes when falling.
  • It comes with a Flip fold system that makes the padding thinner and thicker as per the hair shape and style. 

Horseback Riding Boots for Beginners Ladies

Tommy Hilfiger Equestrian Boot

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Women's SHYENNE Equestrian Boot
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Tommy Hilfiger is one of the best closed-toe shoes for women. It comes from a recognized brand that is promising in style and quality. This nice shoe pair is made of 100% imported synthetic material. Besides, the shaft measurement is ideal for the maximum leg.

Tommy Hilfiger comes with 20 x 14 x 4-inch dimensions and 12 Ounces weight. You don’t even think of size because it is available in almost all required sizes.

Key Features of the Tommy Hilfiger Equestrian Boot:

  • The insole and outer material are 100% synthetic that provides durability and comfort
  • It comes with an ideal heel, shaft and boot opening measurement
  • It is designed with a smoother upper and decorative buckle that makes it more elegant
  • The plush lining feature protects this shoe from muddy, water and adverse weather


We hope you got the answer to the topic “Can I wear shorts horseback riding? You can do it, but it is not recommended for your safety. We know shorts are so comfortable for summer horse riding, but it is related to some risk factors.

However, in some cases, shorts would be preferable for horse riding. But the riders need to be expert and experienced about previous shorts horseback riding.

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