Differences Between A Horse And Zebra: Can You Ride A Zebra?

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Do you know the difference between a horse and zebra? If you’re thinking that they’re both just four-legged animals with manes, then think again! There are actually quite a few differences between these two animals.

For one, horses are domesticated while zebras are not. This means that horses have been tamed by humans and can be ridden, while zebras cannot. In addition, horses are usually much larger than zebras.

Zebras also have stripes on their fur, which is something that you’ll never see on a horse. Finally, while both animals eat grass, horses are also known to eat hay and grain.

When you think of a horse, what comes to mind? Do you think of a noble creature, or a majestic animal that has been revered throughout history? Or do you simply think of a cute pet that you can take for rides around the block?

Whatever your first thoughts are about horses, there is no denying that they are one of the most popular animals in the world. But what about zebras? Are they just striped horses, or are there some notable differences between them?

For starters, let’s address the question on everyone’s mind: can you ride a zebra? The answer is unfortunately no. While zebras may look like horses, they are not domesticated animals and therefore cannot be ridden.

However, this does not mean that zebras are not interesting creatures! In fact, there are several key differences between horses and zebras. One major difference is their size.

Zebras tend to be much smaller than horses, with an average height of around 5 feet compared to horse’s average height of 6 feet. This size difference is likely due to the fact that zebras live in Africa where food is scarce, while horses originated in Europe where food was more plentiful. Another difference between these two animals is their coat pattern.

Horses have solid-colored coats while zebras have unique stripes all over their bodies. Scientists believe that these stripes offer camouflage from predators since it makes it difficult for them to single out one zebra from a herd. Finally, while both horses and zebras have hooves, those of a zebra are rounder and tougher which helps them travel over rough terrain more easily.

So next time you see a zebra at the zoo or in a nature documentary, remember that these creatures are not just striped horses! They are fascinating animals in their own right with some notable differences from our beloved equine friends.

Can You Ride a Zebra

No, you cannot ride a zebra. Zebras are wild animals and are not domesticated like horses. They are also much smaller than horses, so even if they were domesticated, you would not be able to ride one.

Zebras are Not Domesticated Animals And are Much More Aggressive Than Horses

Zebras are not domesticated animals and, as a result, they are much more aggressive than horses. When zebras are kept in captivity, they often become frustrated and angry because they are not able to roam freely. This frustration and anger can lead to them lashing out at their handlers or even attacking other animals.

Zebras have also been known to kick and bite people who get too close to them.


Horses and zebras are two of the most popular animals in the world. Though they may look similar, there are actually several differences between them. For instance, horses are larger than zebras and have longer legs.

Additionally, while all zebras have stripes, not all horses do. Finally, while you can ride a horse, it’s impossible to ride a zebra!

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