Shoulder Relief Cinch Reviews (For Highest Freedom of Movement )

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Are you a regular horse rider? If yes, you must care for your four-legged runner buddy a lot. It is mandatory to have a comfortable shoulder movement for the horse to run regularly.

I used to watch one of my friends riding a horse every summer vacation. Unfortunately, the horse suffered from a golf ball size swelling on its shoulder once due to the pressure exerted by the billet line. That is also when I saw my friend looking out for shoulder relief cinch reviews like crazy.

Here I will be helping all the equestrians to find the most suitable cinch for their beloved horses.

Total Saddle Fit – Shoulder Relief Cinch

Total saddle fit has been bringing all sorts of horse riding accessories, from the saddle to girth, into the light to support a smooth horse riding experience for the rider, all while assuring the best health for the horse.

Their shoulder relief cinch is another added jewel to the pre-existing extraordinary collection of horseman products.

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Shoulder Relief Cinch
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Brand Name‎Total Saddle Fit
Package Weight‎0.75 Kilograms
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎26.5 x 5 x 0.5 inches
ColorBlack & more
Size‎24″ w/Grey Felt & more size available
Customer Reviews450 ratings

Key Features

The western-style cinch is entirely made of high-quality leather with a removable neoprene liner. The velcro is fully padded to ensure the utmost comfort for the horse. The horse does not have to perform any restricted movement with this cinch on the shoulder.

It fits the saddle perfectly for the rider. The cinch provides the highest freedom of movement while running at full speed. The cutback design of the cinch ensures elbow comfort along with the shoulder.

The primary mechanism is to prevent the saddle from moving forward due to pressure while on the run. The offset design causes the girth to move its position from the billet line.

So, the billet is prevented from creating any pressure on the horse’s shoulder. This cinch performs the mechanism with utter perfection.

It has the perfect fit for the saddle without being too tight or too loose. The velcro has enough space to fit any size and shape of horses. The long-lasting material of the cinch magnifies its glory in hundred folds. The product is a bit costly, but it is worth every penny.


  1. The cinch has high-end and durable leather.
  2. The velcro and lining of the cinch are fully padded.
  3. It has a removable liner.
  4. It is cozy for both the shoulder and elbow of the horse.


  1. In a rare instance, you may find the lining pads thinning after short use.

Buying guide

A trouble-free horse riding depends on the saddle to every extent. A fit saddle comes with a fitter cinch in the girth area. The shoulder relief cinch reviews have to be the type that ensures detailed information about the maximum easement for the horse and makes the rider comfortable in the saddle. Here are some of the keys you need to note down before going for one:


Horse cinches are made of three types of material- Fleece, Mohair, and Neoprene. While all these materials have their good sides, Total Saddle Fit has come up with fleece material with neoprene liner. It is the softest material for the girth area.

But since fleeces can slip away quickly, they need to be more tightened to sit in place. Neoprene does that job without choking the horse.


Since it is a Western cinch, the size ranges from 24-36inches with 2 inches of difference between each, just like any other regular Western cinch. Measure the cinch according to your horse’s need before purchasing one.


The longevity of the cinch depends on two things- the material it is built of and how accurately the owner takes care of it. The high-quality leather, this cinch is made pays off every penny because it goes a long way. Since the neoprene liner is removable, you can easily spray disinfectants on it to clean up.

Although the fleece is the most difficult to attend to, they get clotted in no time once they get dirty. For a long-lasting cinch, you may have to pay more attention to clearing the fleece than the liner.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the questions you may need answers to match the best shoulder relief cinch reviews for your horse:

How do I measure the cinch size for my horse?

A cinch only fits the horse when it has an accurate size. A tighter cinch may halt the horse from breathing, whereas a loose cinch may cause slippage of the saddle. There are some steps to follow to measure the perfect cinch size-

  • Take a measuring tape to measure the distance from one dee ring to another of the saddle.
  • Subtract 6-8 from the result to find out the actual cinch size.
  • Go for the shortest that comes in size so that you have more rooms left on the latigo.
Horse in HandCinch Size
12-1422 inches
14-1524/26 inches
16-1832/34 inches

How does shoulder relief cinch work?

A shoulder relief cinch is there to snug the horse’s shoulder. Its main job is to change the position of the billets so that the saddle tree does not affect the horse’s shoulder. The best shoulder relief cinch prevents the saddle from moving forward by relieving pressure while on the run.

What type of cinch is best?

It depends on the mood of the horse. If it is a sensitive horse, then go for a Mohair-type cinch. They are the most breathable with a cozy material. If it is an average horse, then go for the Fleece type. They feel the softest on horse skin and most plush.

What is the difference between a cinch and a girth?

A cinch is the holding material around the waistline, whereas the waistline itself is called girth when it comes to horses. That is the fundamental difference between cinch and girth.

Is front cinch necessary?

The front cinch is more necessary than the back cinch. Although front cinches are more likely to get dirty due to all the mud and dust, they protect the shoulder more than anything.

How tight should the back cinch be?

Horses need two cinches for the saddle to fit correctly. One is the front cinch, and another is the back cinch. The back cinch has to be positioned in a way that the horse can breathe. So, there has to be a two-finger difference between the cinch and horse skin.

Slip in two fingers after putting the cinch on the horse to provide the perfect measure.

Final words

Horse riding is a name of passion for some and a profession for many. How smooth your riding experience will depend on how fast and pleasantly the horse can run. It is where the actual horsepower lies.

A perfectly fit saddle is all you need to sit on the tight horse while on the run. But what happens when the saddle bothers horse skin more than its actual function? This is where a cinch is needed for the ideal warmth in the girth area.

The main goal is to enlighten you with the most fantastic shoulder relief cinch reviews out there that are worth every penny. You may hold your beer and buckle up on the horse for a smoother ride further.

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