Summer Horse Riding Gear (New Ideas, Pro Tips & Guides)

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Summer horse riding is fantastic because there is not any tension for snow, rain, or storms. Also, the more extended daylight of the summer season allows enjoying more time horse riding.

The problem is that the summer heat and humidity will face you with a significant challenge.

So, what’s the solution then? Well, extensive heat won’t stop your horse riding if you can use the appropriate summer horse-riding gear. Let’s know what steps you can take to ensure your comfort during summer horse riding. 

In this guide, we will discuss what to wear horseback riding in the summer that provides you with the best riding experience. At the same time, you will know what other gears you need. 

Summer horse riding gear

The gears required for horseback summer riding are divided into two main categories. These are clothes and accessories. 

Horse riding clothes for summer

Summer Riding Tops:

The top is the most tempting cloth for horseback summer riding because it is comfortable and secure. It is essential to keep your hands, chest, back, and shoulders exposed to the intense sunlight.

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Women's Ventilated Technical Long Sleeve Sport Shirt
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So, tank tops are a better clothing option for sunburn prevention. Not only that, full covered tops can protect the hand from fall down and accidents. This summer horse riding shirt has become popular nowadays because it is designed with full sleeves and quarter-zip to ensure proper ventilation. 

Riding Breeches:

Summer riding breeches are excellent horseback riding outfits in summer. It is excellent for thickness, breathability, and water resistance. But you won’t get varieties of design and style in this item when looking for the summer collection. You can look for Romfh branded breeches because they are comfortable and well-ventilated. 

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Women's Full Seat Silicone Grip Breeches Horse Riding
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In addition to breaches, women horse lovers can use many comfortable leggings and summer horse riding pants that are comfortable and secure enough. 

Horse Riding Safety vest:

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Safety Horse Riding Protective Gear
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The safety of your life comes first, and that is why it is essential to wear a safety vest. Although a vest can increase the temperature of your body, it protects your chest from serious accidents. 

Horse riding gears for summer


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Women Horse Riding Gloves
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In the case of summer horse riding, choosing a pair of good-quality gloves is very important. Gloves can protect your hands from sweat, blistering and extensive rubs from the rope. Good to know that Rockel Summer Chester and SSG Crochet Horseshoe brands are producing the best quality gloves for horse riding. 


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Ladies Starter Front Zip Paddock Boots
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Remember to buy perfect fit summer horse riding boots for horseback with a pair of breathable socks. Your feet may sweat like your hands, which is too annoying and uncomfortable. We have seen that running boots and ankle socks are better for horse riding in the summer season.  


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Horseback Riding Helmet
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Although the helmet is mandatory for all-season winter or summer, it is crucial to pick up a helmet with enough vents and visors. Enough vents provide ventilation, and giant visors protect eyes and faces from sunlight. You also can wear your sunglasses with a helmet for maximum eye comfort. 

Why are Shorts being a Bad Choice for Horse Riding?

Many often ask about the horse riding shorts for horseback riding. We know it is essential to wear the best comfortable clots and gear for horse riding. Here rider life security is the most crucial considering thing.

So, a rider should not consider one factor for another one. Primarily, we want to recommend giving priority first to safety. Let’s know the reasons why a short is terrible for riding

  1. It can’t prevent the friction between the saddle and skin
  2. Rider’s claves will move against the saddle that is risky
  3. Also, your legs and thighs may get pinched 

Pro tips for horse riding in summer

You know what kind of clothes and accessories you will use to make your horse riding comfortable. If you think these are enough and you don’t need anything, then you are wrong. Here are some pro tips to make summer horse riding much enjoyable. 

  • Bring plenty of water with you to get rid of dehydration
  • Apply a good branded sunscreen to avoid harmful sunburn
  • Spend time in any shade as long as possible
  • Start riding in the morning to eliminate excess fatigue
  • Give the horse enough rest, water and food
  • Soak a gaiter into cold water and wear it on the neck

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1)   What do you wear with horseback riding in the summer?

It would help if you used the following clothes and gears to protect yourself from the scorching heat in your favorite horseback riding.

  1. Ventilated helmet with large visor
  2. Moisture-wicking tops or shirts
  3. Breeches, pants or leggings with breathability
  4. Lightweight socks and boots
  5. Breathable underwear
  6. Good quality hand gloves

2) How do you keep yourself cool while riding a horse?

A specialized cooling vest is available for horse riding in summer that can keep a rider cool for several hours. These vests are lightweight and comfortable. You need to soak it into the water for some time and wring it before wearing it. 

3)   Can you ride horses with shorts on?

It is not recommended to ride with shorts on because there are several risks of accidents. Although it seems comfortable for summer, you may face the rubs into your leg skin. Moreover, a sudden fall down may cause a severe injury. 

4)   Are leggings OK to wear horse riding?

Yes, it is OK to wear leggings for horse riding. Especially, it is a good choice for a horse riding outfit girl. Leggings work like breeches, pants, or jeans.

However, keep in mind to wear a legging that is breathable and comfortable for hot temperatures. At the same time, make sure about the light color for horse riding clothes. 

Final Words:

Except for some issues, summer horseback riding is much more comfortable and enjoyable than riding in another season. We recommended using lightweight, comfortable, and easy-to-wash clothes for horse riding in summer. And the summer horse riding clothes must be breathable.

Don’t forget to wear light color clothes—besides, you’re using gear like a helmet, sunglasses, boots, and gloves that would be lightweight. 

In addition, you can follow our pro tips for summer horse riding. These will help you to go ahead one more step.

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