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Sway back is a condition where the horse’s spine curves excessively. This can be caused by several things, such as incorrect confirmation, old age, or poor nutrition. Sway back is often seen in older horses, as their muscles and ligaments begin to weaken with age.

Poor nutrition can also cause sway back, as the horse’s body is not getting the nutrients it needs to maintain muscle and bone health.

There are a number of possible causes for sway back in horses. One is simply age – as horses get older, their bodies change and they may start to develop a sway back. Another possibility is poor nutrition – if a horse isn’t getting enough good-quality food, it can start to show in their body condition, including developing a sway back.

Finally, it could be due to an underlying health condition such as arthritis or muscle weakness. If you’re concerned that your horse has developed a sway back, it’s best to talk to your vet for advice on how to best manage the condition.

Can a Sway Back Horse Be Corrected?

A sway back is an exaggeration of the normal concavity of the horse’s topline. The condition can be caused by many things, but is most often seen in older horses and ponies. It is not a serious condition and does not cause the horse any pain, but it can make him uncomfortable when ridden and can affect his performance.

There are several ways to correct a sway back, depending on the severity of the condition. In mild cases, stretching exercises and massage may be all that is needed. More severe cases may require chiropractic or osteopathic treatment, as well as special shoeing or saddle fitting.

How Do I Stop My Horse from Sway Back?

There are a few things you can do to help improve your horse’s swayback. First, make sure that your horse is properly trimmed and that his hooves are balanced. If your horse has long toes, they will need to be shortened.

You can also try using pads or wedges under your horse’s front shoes to help support his back end and improve his balance. Finally, make sure that you are feeding your horse a balanced diet and providing him with plenty of exercise.

Are Swayback Horses in Pain

There is a condition in horses called Swayback, also commonly known as lordosis. In horses, the term lordosis refers to an excessive curving in of the lower spine. This can cause the horse’s hind end to appear higher than their withers and give them a “swaybacked” appearance.

While this condition does not necessarily cause pain in all horses, it can be quite painful for some. The main cause of Swayback is thought to be poor nutrition during development. If a young horse does not get enough nutrients, especially calcium, they may develop this condition.

It can also be caused by injuries or diseases that damage the vertebrae or muscles in the back. Some Horse breeds are more prone to developing Swayback due to their conformation, such as Shetland Ponies and Draft Horses. If your horse has mild Swayback, they may not show any signs of pain or discomfort.

However, if the condition is severe, they may have difficulty moving around and may even lie down frequently due to the pain. Severely swaybacked horses often have an abnormal gait and may struggle to carry weight on their backs. They may also suffer from muscle wasting in their hindquarters due to disuse.

If you think your horse may be suffering from Swayback, it is important to consult with a veterinarian as soon as possible so that they can assess the severity of the condition and develop a treatment plan accordingly.

Sway Back Horse Treatment

If your horse has a sway back, there are a few things you can do to help treat the condition. First, you’ll want to make sure that your horse is getting enough exercise. A lack of muscle tone can contribute to a sway back, so regular riding and turnout will help keep your horse’s muscles strong.

You may also want to add some hill work to your rides, as this will help build up the muscles in your horse’s back. In addition to exercise, paying attention to your horse’s diet is important for treating a sway back. Make sure that your horse is getting plenty of good-quality hay or pasture, as this will provide the necessary nutrients for muscle development.

You may also want to consider adding a supplement like vitamin E or omega-3 fatty acids to your horse’s diet, as these have been shown to be beneficial for horses with muscle problems. Finally, it’s important to have realistic expectations when treating a sway back. This condition cannot be completely cured, but with proper management and care, most horses are able to live relatively normal lives.

If you’re concerned about your horse’s condition, talk to your veterinarian about the best way to manage it and make sure that you are doing everything you can to help your horse stay comfortable and healthy.

Can a Sway Back Horse Be Ridden

Yes, a sway back horse can be ridden, but it takes a bit of extra care and attention. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 1. Check with your vet to make sure that riding is safe for your particular horse.

Some health conditions can make riding unsafe. 2. Pay attention to your horse’s posture while you’re riding. If he starts to sag in the middle, it’s time to dismount and give him a break.

3. Don’t try to carry too much weight on a sway back horse. This includes both you and any saddlebags or other gear you might be carrying. Keep the load light to avoid putting too much strain on your horse’s back.

4. Be prepared for a slower ride than usual. Sway back horses often have trouble moving quickly or staying balanced at high speeds, so take things easy and enjoy the scenery at a leisurely pace instead.


Sway back is a condition that can affect horses of any age, breed, or gender. There are many possible causes of sway back, including genetics, poor nutrition, and injuries. Sway back can cause a horse to have difficulty moving and may even lead to lameness.

Treatment for sway back will vary depending on the underlying cause. In some cases, surgery may be necessary to correct the problem.

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