What Is Equitone For Horse Hooves

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Equitone is a type of horse hoof that is made out of a material that is similar to that of human fingernails. It is used to protect the horse’s hooves from wear and tear, and it also helps to keep the hooves healthy. Equitone has been found to be very beneficial for horses, and it is often used by professional riders and trainers.

If you’re a horse owner, then you know that keeping your horse’s hooves healthy is important. Equitone is a product that can help with that. It’s made of natural ingredients and it’s applied to the hoof everyday.

It helps to keep the hoof moisturized and it also provides nutrients that are essential for healthy hooves.

What are the Benefits of Using Equitone on Horse Hooves

Equitone is a material made from plant fibers and minerals that has been used for many years in Europe to strengthen horse hooves. It is applied as a liquid or gel and works by penetrating the hoof wall, increasing blood circulation and improving the quality of the hoof. There are many benefits to using Equitone on horse hooves, including:

1. Stronger Hooves: Equitone strengthens the hoof wall, making it less likely to crack or break. This can help prevent injuries to the horse and reduce the need for shoeing. 2. Healthier Hooves: The increased blood circulation brought about by using Equitone helps to keep the hooves healthy and free from infection.

It also encourages new growth, which can help repair any damage that has already been done to the hooves. 3. Better Shock Absorption: The improved quality of the hoof provided by Equitone makes it better able to absorb shock, which can protect the horses legs from injury when they are working hard or running over uneven ground. 4. Cost Effective: In most cases, using Equitone on horse hooves will be more cost effective than traditional methods such as shoeing or trimming, as it does not require ongoing maintenance or replacement like shoes do.


Equitone is a hoof supplement that helps to improve the quality of your horse’s hooves. It is a natural product that contains nutrients that are essential for healthy hooves. Equitone also helps to prevent and treat common hoof problems such as cracks, chipping, and dryness.

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