Would You Buy A Horse with Kissing Spine?

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There are a lot of beautiful horses out there that don’t have KS. Unfortunately, this may be a career-ending illness. It’s a bummer, but it’s best to move on. Find another horse.

A kissing spine is a condition where the spinal cord protrudes from the neck. While horses with kissing spines can lead everyday lives, they are more susceptible to injuries and require extra care. 

If you’re thinking of buying a horse, be sure to ask the seller about any health conditions their horse has. Otherwise, you could be in for costly vet bills down the road.

This blog post will explore what causes the kissing spine, signs of the spine, and how it affects the horse’s quality of life (positively or negatively).

What is kissing spine?

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Kissing spine is a condition in horses where the horse gets poked by his own backbone when he shifts their weight. 

This poking can cause pain, lameness, and may lead to long-term medical issues. 

If you notice your horse’s back is swaying or not using all four of its legs, then there might be a problem with the kissing spine.

How can you tell if your horse has kissing spine?

It’s not easy to tell if your horse has a kissing spine, but there are some things you can look for

Horses with kissing spines often have a hunched back and will lean into people or other horses when they’re being groomed or petted.

If you catch any of these signs, it’s essential to take your horse to the vet right away, as this condition can be pretty painful.

There are two main types of kissing spine: cervical-thoracic spinal cord injury (i.e., compression) and thoracolumbar spinal cord injury (i.e., fracture).

Signs that your horse might have kissing spine

  1. Your horse has a hard time standing up.
  2. Your horse’s back is curved to one side.
  3. There are bumps on your horse’s spine, indicating kissing spine.
  4. The back of your horse’s head looks like it might start curving in the other direction as well.
  5. You notice that when you touch or massage the back of your horse’s neck, their muscles tense up, and they have a difficult time relaxing them again.
  6. Your horse has been having trouble with balance lately, whether getting up from lying down or walking around without stumbling.

How much would you pay for a horse with kissing spine

It depends on the purpose of its uses.

You may be wondering why I would pay $1 million for a horse with kissing spine. Well, it all depends on the riding you do and how much money you have to spend. 

Some people who ride western don’t care about their horse’s back condition because they are never going to gallop or jump over fences as an English rider does. 

However, if someone rides English, that person needs a horse with good conformation to maintain proper position when jumping obstacles and take corners at high speeds while competing in show jumping events like hunter trials.

What percentage of horses have kissing spine?

20% of horses have a condition called kissing spine. This condition is characterized by the vertebrae in their back having grown abnormally and pressing against one another. 

It’s not unusual for it to be misdiagnosed as colic, but treatments are available if your horse has been diagnosed with a kissing spine.

Can you sell a horse with kissing spine?

Kissing spine, sometimes called a wry neck, is a condition that affects horses’ necks. 

The name comes from the point that the horse’s head is often tilted to one side because of the pain caused by the disease. 

There is no cure for kissing spine, so most horses with the illness are euthanized. 

However, it may be possible to sell a horse with kissing spine if you can find a buyer willing to take on the responsibility of caring for the animal.

What type of equipment need for kissing spine horses?

As a horseback rider, you know the importance of having quality equipment. When it comes to kissing spine horses, you need to have specific equipment to ensure your safety and the horses. 

Among all the necessary equipment saddle pad is the most important thing you should have.

If you didn’t choose a proper saddle for your riding, it would be dangerous for your horse.

So, first, you need the best saddle pad for kissing spine horses that give your horse comfort.

Final Word:

It is essential to accomplish thorough research before purchasing any animal. Horses are expensive animals, so you must know what you’re getting into for the long-term investment. 

Some horses may require special care because of their age or medical conditions; others could be too wild and need training first. 

How do you feel about adopting a horse with kissing spine? If your answer was no (and we hope it was!), then there might not be an equine out there for you!

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